We're all just nouns on the inside.

This was the product of a Skillshare class taught by Mete Erdogan, inspired by his Eavesdropper project.

A little background about the quote…I’m an art director at a magazine in a very open and collaborative environment. A story that I was laying out didn’t have the best headline because it could have been taken the wrong way (we always have to think twice about that kind of thing in journalism).

The editor and another writer were discussing how they could alter the headline without it becoming too controversial. The story very subtly touched on the issue of race. I think they were just stuck on coming up with a better noun when one of them said “We’re all just nouns on the inside.” Though it was hilarious at the time, the more I researched for my moodboard the more I realized how wholly truthful this statement is: we’re all the same on the inside.